Cleaning Your Roof

You should either clean your roof or get someone to clean your roof once every 3 years. Maintenance helps to prevent long term damage.

Mould, algae and moss built up can really wreck the appearance of your home. Sometimes it just looks like streaks but it is algae that builds up in your roof and feed on moisture and the filler agents in the actual underlay.

We would always recommend a professional roof cleaner for handling it but if you feel up to the job and use the right equipment, it can be handled fairly easily.

Choose the right cleaning products

Sodium hydroxide products work better than most other products and are less harmful to vegetation. But they’re also corrosive, and using them requires you to don full protective gear. So make sure you have full body suit on and gloves leaving no skin visible.

Choose the right day and prepare the area

Check the weather forecast and choose a cool or overcast day with little to no wind so the spray hits your shingles, not the neighbors’. Those conditions allow the cleaning solution to soak deep into the algae colonies without evaporating too quickly.

Next, repair any loose tiles or flashings, and clean the gutters and downspouts so they can drain freely.

Then prepare the area by moving lawn furniture and covering vegetation, because you’re going to have over spray. Even though the product we chose isn’t toxic, the runoff can be pretty ugly. So a little prep work will save you cleanup time later.

Cleaning the Roof

Once you have started, spray the Sodium onto the roof, leave it settle for a hour or 2. Once it has been left on for a while, you can choose to either soft wash or power wash the roof down. With slate tiles and standard manufactured tiles, you can safely power wash them. Any other type of tile means you will have to soft wash it using a brush and a hose.

Once its washed off, you can stand back and admire your roof! We will emphasise that you should be comfortable with heights and use a safety harness at all times on the roof. If you cannot do this, please hire a professional roof cleaning service to do it.